KEY STAGE 1 - Children in Nursery (Year 2)

It is never too early to start tuition for your child.  It is key for your child to grasp the main elements of English and Mathematics to give them the confidence to progress in their learning.

In Key Stage 1, the main focus will be centered upon:

Reading -

  • From letter recognition to chapter books
  • Comprehension – Read and recall information, distinguish between      text and speech, show evidence of textual understanding, learn to follow story-line.
  • Language – Adjectives, Pronouns and Collective Nouns, Nouns, Opposites, Punctuation, Plurals, Compounds, Homophones, Prefixes and Suffixes, Similes.
  • Reading Strategies – Phonics and blending (Understanding word formation and sounds), Verbal Reasoning (constructing words from other words).

Writing -

  • From letter formation to story writing.
  • Composition – Planning and constructing a text to set standards and style (letter writing, fiction and non-fiction).
  • Spelling and Handwriting.
  • Grammar – Usage of Standard English and language structure.



  • Early sums, times tables ,problem solving.
  • Reading / Writing numbers to 100.
  • Addition, Subtraction, Times and Multiplication.
  • Time and Money.
  • Fractions and Fractions of Quantities.
  • Comparing and Ordering Numbers.
  • Rounding/ Estimating.
  • Number Patterns.
  • Odd and Even Numbers.
  • Place Value.
  • Representing and Interpreting Data (Pictograms, Block Graphs, Tables).
  • 2D & 3D Shapes (Understanding Patterns and Properties).
  • Measuring and Estimating LengthSymmetry and Reflection (Understanding properties of position and movement)Angles and Directions

Preparation for Key Stage one SATS, currently held in year 2
Preparing for 7+ Entrance Exams

We prepare children for 7+ entrance examinations.  Preparation includes specific tuition to enable your child to perform well in the exam and covers English, Maths and reasoning, we all can practice interview techniques.